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Alleged Rule Violation During Intel Monsters Reloaded!

It is claimed that violations were made during the qualifiers of Intel Monsters Reloaded tournament, where teams compete in Fortnite and CS:GO for a total prize of 300.000₺!

In the match between TETA Esports and besTRmix teams, TETA Esports player Enes “SunSet” Aktekin claimed that although broadcasting was prohibited during the qualifying matches, a player from the opposite team did a broadcast while also insulting TETA Esports players.

Intel Monsters CS:GO

Enes “SunSet” Aktekin revealed this situation with a post on his Twitter account. In his post, he asked the match referees and officials whether players had the right to broadcast. Tournament officials stated that broadcasting would result in disqualification for the whole team.

Aktekin claims that during the said match, a player from the besTRmix team broadcasted live on Twitch. Enes Aktekin, who reported the situation to the tournament officials, states that the player received a warning, but the player still continued to stream the match.

I would like to tell you and write a few things about the disgrace in the Intel Monsters Reloaded CS:GO Tournament. First of all, I do not write to get a result related to the match and we do not want this. We are just trying to claim our right. I’m telling the story from the beginning. We asked for a permission to broadcast the match live or in person as seen in the screenshots and unfortunately learned that it was not allowed. If we open a broadcast, I want to know what the sanctions are and I get answers like the team will be disqualified or banned. So, we can’t understand how the player on the opposite team broadcasts for some reason. The response we get is a warning. Again, we receive a message from the admin, as seen in the screenshot. Unfortunately, the opposing team player is on the air again before the admin writes this to me, and he says during the broadcast that he has taken permission and is in touch with the admins, and continues to broadcast. So how can this situation change so fast? We are also insulted during the stream. On top of that, we are trying to seek our rights, we state that there is discrimination and we send the curses as a message to the admin, but he tells us that we are not discriminated and that we should open a support ticket on the site. Well, if there is no discrimination, why does that admin friend of ours get the VIP viewer authorization on the broadcast channel of the broadcaster friend and accompany the conversation separately. Let us first send a clip and then “Can you create a support record?” he replies. In addition, while the streamer is on the air, the admin goes to them on the Discord channel after the matches and has conversations with them.

Enes “SunSet” Aktekin

Afterwards, Enes “SunSet” Aktekin and TETA Esports talked about the problems they had with ESL Gaming in the past and showing the same attitudes again.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to say for sure how this situation will turn out. However, it is quite unfair to give other players or teams the opportunity to abuse certain rules just because they are connected. I think that more authorized and experienced referees and tournament managers should take part in such prestigious and big tournaments.

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