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BBL Esports Made an Announcement Regarding Twitch Bit Scam!

BigBossLayf (BBL) esports, which also has its own streamers on the list of people alleged to have been on the “Bit Scam” scheme, made an announcement.

BBL stated that it has been aware of this situation for about 3 months and made the necessary evaluations. They left the final decision about streamers to Twitch.

In the statement, the organization mentioned that it calculated the monthly and yearly income averages of its streamers. They said that the dates when the monthly income average increased by 5% above the normal rate were determined and entered in the table for analysis.

Unable to reach a definite conclusion on the subject, BBL believed that Twitch would solve the problem more easily and precisely.

The situations that make it difficult for BigBossLayf to investigate are as follows:

  • Posts deleted due to DMCA
  • Claims about that anonymous donations belong to real donators
  • Bits sent by toxic people to harm streamers channel
  • Denial of the person concerned, his submission of evidence
  • Inaccessible data etc.

BBL found it wrong to declare streamers that allegedly made Twitch bit scams. BBL also warned that any media organization that published said list without evidence would have legal “issues”. However some fans are angry because Twitch income leaks were not deemed good enough as evidence.

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