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BLAST Premier Spring Final’s Champion is Gambit!

One of the biggest tournaments of summer has ended today. Russian esports team Gambit has become the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2021 Champion – with zero losses.

BLAST, has hosted two great finales of this season for its CS:GO fans. The final day started with a match between Na’Vi and G2 competing against each other. 2-1 Natus Vincere won the match and we witnessed a great performance by s1mple. Ukrainian player, who 1v4 clutched the game at the final map and scored 16-13, helped his team get into Grand Finale.

The finalists chose Dust 2, Mirage and Inferno as their maps. Na’Vi lost the match 16-12 in Dust 2, which they had chosen. Afterwards, Gambit declared their victory with a score of 16-11 in Mirage.

The MVP of the match was sh1ro of Gambit with a K/D rate of 42-47 and 1.40/2.0 rating. With this score, AWP player sh1ro has earned his place in The Top 20 list. On Na’Vi side, the experienced AWP player s1mple secured the leadership position with 37-35 K/D rate and a 72.5 average damage.

Hobbit, of Gambit Esports, was chosen as BLAST Premier Spring Final 2021’s MVP with an average of 84.6 damage and 1.21/2.0 rating. Team Gambit secured $225,000 with the Blast Championship and Blast Premier World Final 2021 Ticket. At the second place, Russian Team Na’Vi won $85,000.

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Ertuğrul Ergül
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