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Champion Of The Vestel Zula Cup Tournament

Çamlıca Esports became the champion of the Vestel Zula Cup Tournament and won the cup.


The winner determined with the strong competition of teams fought each other for the championship without giving up. The final match of the Vestel Zula Cup tournament took the stage on Saturday, December 19.

The teams exhibit their skills to each other throughout the tournament. The winner of the contentious tournament was determined on Saturday, December 19 final match.

The final match took place between Çamlıca Espor and Digital Athletics. Both teams showed the audience how eager they were to win the trophy by giving spectacular performances. Unfortunately, there was only one champion. Çamlıca Esports Team emerged victorious from this difficult final match of the Vestel Zula Cup tournament.

The second time champion in Vestel Zula Cup Tournament: Çamlıca Espor
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Furkan Özdemir
Furkan Özdemir
Sanal Dünya'nın gerçek elçilerindeniz.


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