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Cheating Controversy Between VCT Turkey Esports Organizations!

VCT 2022 Turkey Stage 1 Week 1 Open Qualifiers has started with all the excitement. As of yesterday, after a series of highly competitive matches, 4 teams that qualified for the Closed Qualifiers have been determined. While everything was going great, the controversy started after Thunderbolts Gaming lost 2-1 against 2L8. Later, Thunderbolts Gaming Deputy Chairman Hüseyin Can Yıldırım said on Twitter that their rival 2L8 was cheating.

Winning 2-1 against TBG, one of the strongest teams in the VALORANT Turkey competitive scene, 2L8 received great praise from the VALORANT Turkey community. But after being accused of cheating, the team’s mood changed for the worse. TBG representative, “atakaptan35″, shared the video on Twitter, in which he claimed that his opponent was cheating. However, after the negative reactions he received, he removed this post.

Aim locked during the match played on the Breeze map!

Claiming that the aim was locked on the Breeze map, the TBG side tweeted about the event as a team. Then, “Touven“, who was allegedly said to have cheated, was not late to respond on Twitter.

Can “Touven” Eryıldız said:

If you change tactics once in a while, you can’t blame someone else for cheating. gg wp

The esports community, which could not remain silent as the events grew, called both sides to fair play. SuperMassive Blaze Co-Founder Bora Koçyiğit tweeted about the controversy and said that “esports is different from other sports and the loser should congratulate the winner”.

After the cheating controversy, there was no statement from the authorities. We’ll see how it turns out in the coming days.

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