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Clash Of Clans 2021 World Championship is Announced!

Clash of Clans, a mobile game with millions of players around the world, announced that the 2021 World Championship will be held. It was also announced that the championship prize pool will be $1,000,000.

The championship will be in 6, monthly seasons. Each of these seasons will be played as a separate competition and the winner will receive tickets to the World Championship Finals. After those 6 seasons, the last chance qualifier will be held to ensure that there are 8 teams in the final and 2 teams will take their places in the final.

About the Championship

Each season will have these stages: “Clan War League”, “Monthly Pre-Qualifier”, “Monthly Qualifier”.

Clan War League:

The Clan War League will take place in the first 11 days of each month. Teams that finish the league in the top 3 rankings will be able to register for the Monthly Pre-Qualifier.

Monthly Pre-Qualifier:

The best teams of the Clan War League will fight in groups of five. Battle will continue for 2 days until 6 teams remain. The remaining 6 teams will be able to move on to the Monthly Qualifier phase for the related month.

Monthly Qualifier:

The Monthly Qualifier is the final stage of each season. The top 6 teams will compete in a double elimination format, Bo1, to determine the champion between them. Monthly Qualifier stage will last for 2 days and will be broadcast live.

The team, which will become the winner of each Monthly Qualifier, will receive a gold ticket for the 2021 Clash of Clans World Championship Finals. Teams that take the second place will win the silver ticket for the “Last Chance Qualifier”.

Last Chance Qualifier:

The Last Chance Qualifier will take place after six months of seasons. 6 teams with silver tickets will compete among themselves and determine the 2 teams that will go for the 2021 World Finals.

Clash of Clans 2021 World Championships Finals:

The Clash of Clans World Championship 2021 Final will take place at the end of the year. 8 teams will compete to get the best share of the $ 1 million prize pool and become the World Champion.

Until now, there is no information shared about the championship schedule by Supercell.

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