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Cloud9 Announced Its 2022 LCS Roster!

Cloud9, one of the best North American organizations, announced its 2022 LCS roster that its fans have been eagerly waiting for. The organization, which has re-formed its squad, announced the news on its official Twitter account.

The team looks ready for the new season with its brand new roster. Former Liiv Sandbox top-laner Summit, former T1 Challengers ADC Berserker are the new faces to join the team. Additionally, the organization signed with 19-year-old support player Winsome, a former player of the Shadow Battlica amateur team.

Former C9 star Perkz will be replaced by rising NA star Fudge. Returning to C9 in 2018, MVP award-winning Blaber will continue in his role as a jungler. Isles is brought to the main roster as a sixth man alongside Winsome.

Fans were surprised, that the organization would part ways with Zven, Vulcan, and Perkz, who were the core of the former roster. C9, which has been in the top three in the LCS for years, seems to have completed its preparations for the new season. The organization, which has not transferred players from the LCK for years, last signed a contract with Ray and Impact in 2016.

Cloud9 LCS

C9, who signed with Perkz last year, was seen as the pre-champion for the LCS. However, the 2021 season ended badly for the team, which could not find the harmony they wanted.

Cloud9 won the 2021 LCS Mid-Season Showdown. However, they lost to 100 Thieves in the 2021 Summer Split playoffs. In the 2021 World Championship, they defeated the Chinese FunPlus Phoenix and the European team Rogue.

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