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Cloud9 Partners With Blockchain.com

North America-based esports organization Cloud9 has announced a partnership with cryptocurrency company Blockchain.com.

As part of the agreement, Cloud9 will use Blockchain.com’s logo on their jerseys and platforms.

According to the official statement, the two organizations aim to create a dialogue about financial literacy and cryptocurrency within the esports community. Both companies are expected to achieve this through their social media activities and posts.

“Blockchain.com is the perfect partner for the Cloud9 team. Our team takes great pride in working closely with the most noteworthy leaders across industries and the time was ripe to broaden our network to the cryptocurrency world.

Blockchain.com’s support will ensure consumers have greater access to, and understanding of, the future of finance through cryptocurrency.”

Jack Etienne, Co-Founder and CEO of Cloud9

Cloud9 also has partners such as Microsoft, HyperX and BMW. Last year, the organization teamed up with IMPS, owner of the Smurfs franchise, to create a clothing collection inspired by the term ‘smurfing’.

Blockchain.com was one of the first companies to embrace the crypto community in 2011. It has since gained the support of investors such as Baillie Gifford, VY Capital, and others. As a result, the company became the official crypto partner of Cloud9.

Cloud9 has become the latest name to enter the world of cryptocurrencies with its agreement with Blockchain.com. The partnership with Blockchain.com prepares to provide financial support as well as to educate Cloud9’s teams and fans on cryptocurrencies.


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