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cNed Announces His Departure From Nolpenki

One of the most popular games nowadays, Valorant continues to develop its esports players without a break. The talented esports players and also streamers can get a chance to rise in the esports sector with their teams. One of these esports players Mehmet Yağız ‘cNed‘ İpek has just announced that he is leaving from his team Nolpenki.

cNed, who is famous for his Jett plays, was playing in Nolpenki for three months. Before Nolpenki, he played with BBL Esports and Team wtcN. The talented gamer and streamer cNed announced that he is currently looking for another team by giving his thanks to the Nolpenki team on his Twitter account. cNed also mentioned in his tweet that he can play every agent. Here’s the Tweet mentioned.

The successful Valorant player cNed has become famous on the Twitch Rivals Tournament with his team Team wtcN. Then, he entered the Valorant esports scene under the name of BBL Esports, which is also owned by Ferit ‘wtcN‘ Karakaya. Shortly after, he left BBL Esports because he could not agree on the contract and joined the Nolpenki team of European players. Mehmet Yağız ‘cNed’ İpek’s participation in Nolpenki which is not a certain team like BBL Esports was also a mysterious decision for his fans. In contrast to BBL Esports, Nolpenki is hosting gamers who wanna rise in the esports sector by coming together. As for the reason for cNed’s separation from BBL Esports, the only thing that known is that it was about the contract.

CNed: “I Didn’t Quit From BBL For Nolpenki!”
CNed Announced His New Team!

In the adventure that he was on with the Nolpenki team has also brought him success. They won two C-Tier tournaments and managed to participate in the First Strike: Europe Finals. In other words, they had their names written among the eight best teams in Europe. Due to this success with the team, we didn’t expect him to depart from Nolpenki.

So, Why Did cNed Leave From Nolpenki?

As we mentioned before about the mysterious decision that he made, there is no certain information for the reason. But predictions were made for the behind the scenes of this decision. The first of them is that G2 Esports has backed up two names in its squad.

cNed was getting attention from G2 Esports for a long time since he became famous in the esports sector. Even he had a sincere relationship with Mixwell, the captain of the G2 Esports team. However, this transfer did not take place and G2 Esports continued on its way with the squad it established.

For the G2 Esports squad, everything worked well for a while. In contrast to their success by winning all European tournaments, they could not make it to the First Strike: Europe Finals. G2 Esports was the favorite team of First Strike until the semi-finals. G2 Esports was beaten by Team Heretics, which also has Turkey’s representative pAura in its squad. After their loss in the First Strike, the departure news started to come from the squad. It was not even a week after and we started to see the news that Davidp and Pyth were out of the squad.

There are no statements made concerning the rumors but we can all see a conflict between the players in the squad.

After all, it seems like cNed and G2 Esports caught the appropriate environment for the transfer of cNed to G2 Esports. We all want the best decision for both sides. The transfer could be good for them. While there is an atmosphere of uncertainty right now, we will be sharing with you the developments and possibilities to be experienced.

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