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Co-Founder of 5 Ronin Leaves the Organization!

5 Ronin, a Turkish esports organization, received some unexpected breakup news. Sefa Kuru, one of the founding partners of the 5 Ronin, announced his departure from the organization.

The team, which has been competing in the Turkish LoL league (VFŞL) for 4 years, has not been very successful. The team did not qualify for the playoff stage, finishing in 8th place in the Last Summer Season.

Sefa has been a very popular manager who has done everything for his team. In his Twitter statement, he mentioned that he was very tired and that it was very difficult to make this decision.

In his statement he said:

Today I want to share with you news that I do not know yet whether it is good or bad. I regret to say that I am leaving the management of the 5 Ronin.

Although it may seem like “a very fun job” for many from the outside, it was a very tiring period in general. Although we were not as successful as we wanted, I tried to do my best.

The 5 Ronin will continue on their way. I hope that they will achieve success, and I will watch with pleasure.

Stay well, I love you all.

Sefa Kuru OUT!

Volkan Tankır
Volkan Tankır
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