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CPHF Coach: “Some players have not accepted our extend contract offer”

Daniel “Vorborg” Vorborg, the head coach and co-owner of the Copenhagen Flames, spoke to Dust2.us on the possibility of players being transferred after the PGL Major Antwerp 2022. He stated that he is willing to split ways with the team and will accept offers to buy the complete squad as well as individual esports talent.

We’ve been very open and honest about everything with each other, both the club but also the players. The main goal has always been to try and find them a spot they could go together, but as time has passed we have agreed, also the players within that, that they’re also going to start to look at individual offers just because they want to be in Pro League, they want to be in BLAST, they want to also get more salary. Not that it is the primary objective but it is nice.

Head coach and co-owner of Copenhagen Flames Daniel “Vorborg” Vorborg

Following the publishing of the interview, the co-owner of Copenhagen Flames took to Twitter to share additional details regarding the team’s transfer discussions, which took place last year following the team’s impressive run at PGL Major Stockholm 2021. He noted that the fact that none of the teams agreed to the cheap sum demanded in the roster would always surprise him. He claims, Copenhagen Flames requested less than $500,000 for the roster. TSM was also among the interested organization, in addition to Complexity’s publicly known interest, the head noted.

We’ve offered all the players to extend their contracts, some players have accepted some have not. There’s going to be more news after the Major about the sale of our players, but basically, all the way through we’ve always told the players that if they feel there’s a good opportunity for them out there, we will be accommodating. We’ve also multiple times required less money than their buyouts and things like that because we do pride ourselves on being a club that also treats the players right, and they’ve also given us so much at this point.

Head coach and co-owner of Copenhagen Flames Daniel “Vorborg” Vorborg

Copenhagen Flames have advanced to the playoffs of the current PGL Major Antwerp 2022, where they will meet ENCE today.

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