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Delta Variant Alert at ESL Pro League S14!

We are all happy for the return of LAN tournaments and events. However, the latest developments are looking grim. The course of the epidemic brings new measures. In this context, the delta variant caused the ESL Pro League S14 to turn from LAN to an online event.

Before the delta variant emerged, it was stated that ESL Pro League S14 would be a LAN event. It was even clear that the event would take place in Malta. However, the measures taken against Covid-19 brought travel bans. As a result, this caused the tournament to go online.

In their statement on the subject, ESL associated the reason with the local governments and their take on the delta variant. Organizers also stated that local government support for the event was insufficient. According to their statements, the professionalism and smooth operation of the German management at IEM Cologne set an example. Therefore, even though it was a large-scale tournament, there was no failure. In addition, the organizers cited the delta variant as another reason for the change.

According to the statements of experts, the delta variant is two times more contagious than the common variant. But current vaccines provide high levels of immunity against this variant. However, the inadequacy of a single dose of vaccine adversely affects the course of the epidemic. In this context, although the rate of single dose vaccination is high, the increase of measures by many countries, especially England, brought travel restrictions. Many other European countries have started to take similar measures. Ultimately, this also negatively affected the ESL Pro League S14, which was planned to be held in Malta.

ESL is committed to serve other organizations in a LAN environment!

ESL has stated that it will continue to work to bring the last two masters level tournaments of the year back to the LAN environment. IEM Fall is going to be held between September 28 and October 10. It is one of the tournaments expected to be organized as LAN. In addition, another one will be held in Asia between 2-12 December in an as yet undetermined location.

Season 14 of the ESL Pro League will kick off on August 16, shortly after the end of the summer tournament break. The grand final will be held in mid-September.

Participants consist of twelve partner organizations as part of the ‘Louvre Agreement’, five teams that have qualified with the ESEA Premier in Europe, North America and Oceania, and lastly seven teams from the ESL World Rankings (as of 19 July).

Except for the missing 7 teams, the participants are as follows:

Partner Teams:

  • Natus Vincere
  • G2
  • Astralis
  • FaZe
  • NIP
  • Vitality
  • mousesports
  • Liquid
  • Complexity
  • Evil Geniuses
  • ENCE
  • fnatic

Qualified Teams:

  • Entropiq
  • Renegades
  • Sinners
  • TeamOne
  • Bad News Bears
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