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DenizBank Istanbul Wildcats Defeated Fenerbahçe Espor to Win the TCL 2022 Summer Split

DenizBank Istanbul Wildcats defeated Fenerbahçe Espor 3-2 in the final to win the TCL Summer Split and go to the Worlds 2022 Play-Ins for the first time in their franchise history.

By expanding their early lead, Fenerbahce Espor won the opening game. IW responded with two dominating victories in the subsequent games. In a closely contested fourth game, Fenerbahçe Espor tied the series and took it to the final match of the whole summer split. DenizBank Istanbul Wildcats overcame in the crucial match to win the first TCL Summer Split championship. Serin received the Finals MVP award for his solid performance throughout the series, with a total KDA of 25/14/33.

This defeat brings an end to Fenerbahçe Espor’s surge, which began with the arrival of BAO as the bot laner. Meanwhile, Istanbul Wildcats will now concentrate on the upcoming Worlds 2022 Play-Ins stage, which will start on September 29. Along with DRX, Royal Never Give Up, Saigon Buffalo, MAD Lions, and Isurus, Wildcats will compete in Group B.

Umut Yiğit Torun
Umut Yiğit Torun
Fnatic and Tottenham Hotspur fan


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