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eFootball.Open World Finals Champion To Be Determined!

eFootball.Open World Finals Champion To Be Determined!

The second season of the amateur esports tournament based on the eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE concludes on July 18.

Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. announced that the final matches of the eFootball.Open World Finals tournament will take place on Sunday, July 18 at 15.00 Turkish time.

Event: eFootball.Open World Finals

Date: July 18, 2021 Sunday

Time: 14:00 CEST

Youtube: Link.

eFootball.Open is an e-sports tournament open to all players around the world, and competitors take part in 1v1 matches online in eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE. While last season’s tournament had more than 1.4 million people worldwide, this season where the Qualifiers and Online Finals took place in Matchday mode made eFootball.Open much more accessible by eliminating the need for registration.

eFootball.Open World Finals Prize Pool!

Console and PC gamers from all over Europe, Asia, and the Americas have gone through several different stages to become one of the 24 to be featured in the World Finals. At this point, the finalists will compete against each other online on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC Steam® servers and try to get a share of the total prize pool of $240,000 (USD).

The distribution of rewards per person per platform is as follows:

  • First – $15,000
  • Second – $10,000
  • Third and Fourth – $7,500

There are four eFootball.Open divisions: “Basic”, “Intermediate” and “Expert” levels according to their skill level to ensure that the tournament is fun and competitive for all participants. Regardless of ranking, all users who met the Matchday event requirements could qualify for the Finals.

Competitors who have reached this point with their outstanding performances now have the opportunity to both get a share of the prize pool and attract the attention of the best football clubs in the world, who are after the future eFootball stars.

All participants of eFootball.Open World Finals are listed as follows:

TessJapanManchester UnitedPlayStation®4
LevaJapanManchester UnitedPlayStation®4
EbipoolJapanAS RomaPlayStation®4
TakakiJapanManchester UnitedPlayStation®4
aji_battle208IndonesiaManchester UnitedPlayStation®4
ZEUS_FaidanIndonesiaAS RomaPlayStation®4
komario14RussiaManchester UnitedPlayStation®4
oreld123IsraelManchester UnitedPlayStation®4
MelianTheKingArgentinaArsenal FCPlayStation®4
Rey MolinaArgentinaFC Bayern MünchenPlayStation®4
LeoM1T0BrazilArsenal FCPlayStation®4
HenrykinhOBrazilFC Bayern MünchenPlayStation®4
rafafiel10BrazilManchester UnitedXbox One
ÉderBrazilManchester UnitedXbox One
NOVATOBrazilManchester UnitedXbox One
Saturn868643ItalyManchester UnitedXbox One
EV_SEBACAB96ArgentinaFC Bayern MünchenPC Steam®
NÓBREGABrazilManchester UnitedPC Steam®
momojuveSenegalCeltic FCPC Steam®
Npk_02ItalyAS RomaPC Steam®

You can access the eFootball.Open broadcast calendar here.

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