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Elramir Left Beşiktaş Esports

After spending the VFŞL 2020 Summer Season in his newly transferred team Beşiktaş Esports, Elramir announced that he has left the team.

“We have cancelled our contract with our League of Legends player Talha “elramir” Yurdagüven. We thank him for his effort and wish him success in the rest of his career.”

Talha ‘Elramir’ Yurdagüven, who transferred to Beşiktaş Esports in the beginning of the 2020 VFŞL Summer Season, had high hopes for his new team. They had a wonderful beginning in the season with 6G – 0M. However, not keeping their best selves, Elramir and Beşiktaş Esports was the center of criticism.

After a wonderful beginning, they ended the season with 9G – 9M and participated in the playoffs in the last place. Finishing as the 3rd team at the end of the first period of the playoffs, they later paired with Papara SupperMassive, who will represent us in the Worlds 2020, and got eliminated after losing 3-1.

It is an issue of concern where Elramir’s career will go. 20 years old player will most certainly announce his future plans shortly. Also, it is a mystery who will take Elramir’s emptied spot in Beşiktaş Esports. We will be posting about the situation as the news drop.

Eylül Su Başıbüyük
Eylül Su Başıbüyük
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