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ESL Partners with Crypto Market Gamification Tool Runiverse

The esports tournament organizer ESL Gaming and the metaverse platform Runiverse have announced a partnership.

Runiverse will thus release its app on the ESL platform to support its esports goals, joining more established games like Counter-Strike, DOTA 2 and League of Legends. The partnership intends to close the gap between web3gaming and conventional skill-based esports competition.

Gamification of the cryptocurrency market is at the heart of Runiverse. As a result, rivalry is created around market shifts. Users choose a cryptocurrency token at the beginning of the game cycle, which is followed by a virtual race. The user with the token that is increasing the fastest wins the virtual race, with the token value being recorded in real-time.

To access new runners and tracks, players will be able to open virtual packs. After that, they can earn prizes by participating in rallies and holding Runiverse’s NFTs, each of which entitles the holder to %6 of the prize money.

Furthermore, ESL Gaming anchors the biggest esports platform of its kind. As reported by, Runiverse’s popularity in social community will rise thanks to the partnership.

In a press conference, COO of Runiverse Gip Cutrino said: “We are excited to be hosted on a globally recognised tournament platform such as ESL. We believe this project will extend beyond the reach of the gaming industry, as we look to bridge the gap between traditional gaming and Web3 gaming in a revolutionary new manner.”

Last month, by signing a three-year partnership with Activision for Call of Duty: Mobile, ESL Gaming maintained to build up its own mobile esports ecosystem.

Sadettin Enes
Sadettin Enes
World of Warcraft'ta farm yapmadığı ya da pvp atmadığı sürece genelde yazı yazıyor.


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