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EsportTalks With Berkay “buzlumuzlusut” Tekin

We held our second EsportTalks interview with one of the successful names of the Turkish VALORANT scene Berkay “buzlumuzlusut” Tekin. Berkay Tekin, who is a former Istanbul Wildcats player also has one of the “sweetest” nicknames (Icy Banana Milkshake) in Turkish esports scene (pun intended).

1-Hi, can you introduce yourself?

Hello, I’m Berkay ” iceduzlusut ” Tekin. I am 26 years old, I live in Ankara. I play VALORANT professionally, and livestream on Twitch.

2-When and how did your interest in FPS games start? Have you tested yourself in a different game before?

When I bought my first computer in 2001, I started playing FPS games with CS 1.3 and then CS 1.5. After that, I played almost all CS, BF and COD games. I have participated in online and local offline tournaments for these titles, but I have never aimed to be a professional, I have never tried. But I was always enjoying, playing and thinking that I was talented.

3-As “No Org Found” team, you signed with Istanbul Wildcats after a successful VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Turkey Stage 1 Challengers 1. How did this process take place?

In fact, this process extends to the Snare Team during the First Strike era. As Trumpet, we had a good harmony and participated in the tournament, and we had important victories against the big teams of that period. Later, when one of our players got sick and had to leave the game in the middle of the tournament, the team disbanded. After having such a misfortune, I decided to form a new squad. Then the NOF squad emerged. As NOF, we reached a certain point in a short time, and the game was giving the signal that it had potential. Thus, we waited for a while to receive the offer we wanted, we talked to many organization and the offer that satisfied us finally came from Istanbul Wildcats. In the end, 4 players from the squad joined IW, and Kipperman joined Sangal.

4- As Istanbul Wildcats, you had an individually talented staff. Although you made changes within the team, you could not achieve the success you wanted. Can you tell us about this process and the problems you had experienced in the tournaments? What exactly was the problem in your opinion?

The squad was consisted of individually talented and strong players. This takes a team up to a certain point. However, then the issues of team play, chemistry, communication, structural play come into play. The constant change of players, the incompatibility of the team’s chemistry, some individual deficiencies, method errors in the study and the different understanding of the game among the players prevented that harmony from being achieved.

5-You were the captain of the team. In the post you published after the breakup, you mentioned some problems in the team. How did you go through this period as captain?

I believe that I spent a long time trying to solve the team’s in-game and out-of-game problems. I spent a lot of time both mentally and strategically. We tried many things, right or wrong, together with everyone to find a solution. It would be a waste of time for everyone to push any further when solutions eventually ran out. Not being able to show my personal potential and not being able to be successful was starting to bother me. For this reason, I believed that making a decision to leave was the only solution left and I left the team. Afterwards, further separations came from the team and eventually the organization went with a new roster.

6-How is your personal training going? Can you talk about how one of your day goes?

On a daily basis, I first start with aim training in an application, then I enter the range and deathmatch. Finally, I finish with ranked matches. In the evenings, I watch teams from all regions as much as possible, and I try to analyze those matches both for myself and for improving team play.

7-Can you talk about your goals in the esports scene?

I want to be successful first in Turkey, then in Europe and in the world with a team that I can adapt to in terms of understanding. Being an average player and playing in an average team has never satisfied me, it never does. I want to continue until I achieve these goals.

8-If you could go back to the first time you started VALORANT, what would you like to change?

When I first started, I didn’t have a goal to be a professional, maybe I could have stepped into a professional career a little earlier and be in a team that was already established.

9- During the EMEA Challengers Playoffs, who was your favorite?

My favorite team is definitely Acend, I find their games very enjoyable. I believe that cNed, as a player, will continue to shine in this tournament as in other tournaments.

11-Who is the name that excites you the most in current VALORANT esports scene?

cNed. Perhaps for the first time, a Turkish player has the potential to be the “best of the best” in a game. cNed is both a brother I like personally and a player I like very much. That’s why I’m excited when I watch him and I want him to continue to rise.

12-What advice would you give to young and inexperienced people who want to enter the VALORANT esports scene?

They need to understand that esports is first and foremost a business and that it must be carried out professionally. However, the goal should not be to make money while doing this. Because in this business, money is a result, never a goal. Most of the players in Turkey have trouble being professional. Because in my opinion, you become a professional not when you play this game for a fee, but when you realize that it is a team game, when you position the priority order in your life correctly and when you do the necessary work.

13-What do you plan to do when your esports career ends? Do you have any thoughts on coaching or management in the esports scene?

I think it is too early to answer this question. Because I have a long way to go before I complete my career as a player. Afterwards, I will most likely consider coaching or management. Because until this age, I also trained and developed myself in these fields, and I also want to be in the sector. But as I said, its too early for now.

14-Finally, is there anything you want to say or add to your followers?

I wish everyone who supports me a happy day.

We would like to thank Berkay ” icemuzlusut ” Tekin for taking the time to answer our questions and wish him success in his future career.


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