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Esra “Cleopatra” Çolak signed for OtherSide Esports!

OtherSide Esports will add Esra “Cleopatra” Çolak to their roster, and they will play in the official arenas with the mixed squad. OtherSide Esports moves into the mixed squad under the name #Equality. I am happy to inform you about this situation which I see as a great initiation.

Esra “Cleopatra” Çolak signed for OtherSide Esports

With Cleopatra joining the team, the current OtherSide Esports VALORANT roster is as follows:

  • Özkan “p0wa77” Aslantürk
  • Enes “jonx” Güngör
  • Cihan “mean” Battal
  • Furkan “Marw0ll” Çok
  • İlyas “shapaz” Murat
  • Esra “Cleopatra” Çolak
Ertuğrul Ergül
Ertuğrul Ergül
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