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Many New Details About Overwatch 2!

Let’s start with the bad news. We won’t be playing Overwatch 2 in 2021. However, Overwatch 2 creator Jeff Kaplan and his developer team have announced that they working very hard on the game.

New details include different maps, changes to characters in the PvE mode, up-to-date details in Overwatch 2 story mode, a major overhaul for PvP mode, and much more details. Come, let’s look at these details more thoroughly.

Brand New Maps In Overwatch 2

  • In BlizzCon 2021, we saw two gorgeous maps: Rome and New York City!
  • According to Blizzard, Rome offers a “Romantic and yet powerful feeling of the Roman World”. In this map, we see a colosseum, ancient temples and a modern-semi futuristic stadium.
  • The map of New York City however, is much more different. The map of New York City includes 1920s art deco style with a little bit of science fiction theme. On the map, we can see small establishments, Grand Central Terminal and a different version of the Flatiron Building.

Changes In PvP Mode

  • In Overwatch 2 panel, we saw the newest character Sojourn. Sojourn uses a rail gun to neutralize enemies. The rail gun has two modes. Primary fire mode is similar to Soldier 76’s gun. We can see the similarities in fire rate and recoil. In the Secondary fire mode, she can absolutely melt enemies with a precise right-click ray blast.
  • People accustomed to the PvP mode of the first game, will not feel like strangers to the second game. However, the Overwatch 2 team explained that they have made many experimental changes to the PvP mode.
  • One of these changes is the addition of special “role passives” to the Tank, DPS, and Support roles.
  • The DPS Passive: Boost in movement speed.
  • The Support Passive: All support characters can heal themselves after a certain amount of time has passed. It’s like Mercy’s passive, but a tad weaker.
  • Tank characters received major reworks, ladies and gentlemen. As a tank main from the start, this very news brings tear to my eye. Instead of being bullet sponges, tank characters shall become durable yet powerful brawlers.
  • For example, Reinhardt now has two firestrike (E) attacks. Also, Reinhardt players can control their charge(shift) much more easily or they can stop their charge altogether.
  • However bear in mind that, these changes may not be in the 1.0 version of the game.

Hero Missions

  • Hero Missions are perfect for those who hate, or even despise the competitive mode of the game. In this game mode, you can level up your favorite hero.
  • Overwatch 2 team has announced that they shall add hundreds of hero missions to the game. Pretty good news for the PvE fans if I say so myself.
  • All of the Overwatch 2 maps, shall be available in the Hero Mission mode.
  • You can play the same maps with different factions. For example, while playing in the hero squad Overwatch, you’ll probably try to defend something. While playing evil organization Talon, you will try to do the opposite. Well, that’s just my theory anyway.
  • Hero Missions can be played in the daytime, sunset, and nighttime.
  • While doing the Hero Missions, we might see sandstorms or rainstorms during the missions.

Campaign Details

  • According to Jeff Kaplan, the campaign centers around members of Overwatch being brought back together to find out who’s responsible for the 2nd Omnic Uprising.
  • Every story mission has its cinematic openings and endings.
  • Maps that are used in Story Missions going to be “massive”.
  • For instance, the Toronto Mission will take place in Null Sector. During the blizzard that occurres during the mission, we see friendly NPCs running for their lives. This means not only we must defeat our enemies but also save the innocent lives.
  • You can choose different heroes for the Story Missions. Each character has different comments about the mission or teammates. This means that by playing the same missions with all new different characters, we can see different character interactions. Kinda like in Overwatch 1.

Hero Progression

  • In BlizzCon 2019, we got a glimpse of the character progressions of Overwatch 2. Hero progression has been significantly improved since BlizzCon 2019. Each hero has its separate skill tree.
  • As I said, each hero has its separate skill tree. For instance, Reinhardt’s skill trees are, Crusader, Juggernaut, and Guardian; Soldier 76’s skill trees are Commander, Rifleman, and Vigilante. Different skill trees bring players a new play style.
  • Weapons also receive, elemental buffs, Reinhardt’s Firestrike(e) skill becomes Freezestrike. Junkrat traps can give enemies stun effects. Lastly, Mercy can use her healing staff to send a ball of energy that damages enemies. Battle Mercy for the win!

Updated Hero Visuals

  • Allmighty Blizzard, who pampered us with gorgeous visuals and animations in the first game, did not disappoint us this year.
  • The very first thing that caught my eye with McGree was his bushy beard. You can’t fool these eyes no sir! He also wears a bigger more sturdy-looking armor compared to the previous game. But this new look killed his awesomeness? No way good sir!
  • Pharah’s new wingsuit is not just blue anymore. We can see White patterns in the middle and lower sections of the armor. Also, her visor is now semi-transparent compared to her old full metal visor.
  • Reaper now dons an armored, more metallic suit. His ghostly mask became even whiter.
  • It seems Blizzard gave Widowmaker a more cyberpunkish theme. Although not as Reaper, Widowmaker’s suite includes mechanical gears as well.

The Enemies In Overwatch 2

  • In 2019’s BlizzCon, Blizzard said that they could not make the Omnics “interesting and vibrant” enough. However, they seem to solve this problem in 2021.
  • Omnics now reacts more to being damaged. Omnics will continue to fight despite losing their arms and legs.
  • Large enemies have weak spots that players can take advantage of.
  • Different missions, different Omnics.
  • For example, a walking bomb named The Breacher. This bomb will walk towards the target that the heroes trying to protect. Heroes must eliminate The Breacher before reaching the target.
  • The Puller, on the other hand, is an enemy type that can instantly down players with its beam attack if not stopped on time.

Honestly, it bums me out that Overwatch 2 will not be released in 2021. However, they say better late than never. The fact that Blizzard did not give a release date, means that the team is pouring their soul to provide us a great game. Now, our duty is to just wait for the product.

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