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Fenerbahçe Published Their First Mobile Game “Fubo Rolls”

Fenerbahçe Spor Kulübü, one of the biggest sports clubs in Turkey, has been investing in digital sectors lately. They published their first mobile game called Fubo Rolls and announced it on their official Twitter account.

With FuBo, throw the ball to your opponents, activate the traps, and eliminate them!

You can download Fubo Rolls from App Store. Soon, it will be available on Google Play Store.

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The game is only available on the iOS platform, but it will also be released on the Android platform too. In this soccer-themed arcade game, you have to eliminate your opponents by throwing balls.

In the past weeks, Fenerbahçe‘s president Ali Koç announced that they will publish five games for mobile platforms, and Fubo Rolls has become the first of them. Yesterday, they also announced their second mobile game called “Fener Legend“.

Fener Legend is a soccer-themed mobile game too. But in this game, players are going to re-create the goals that Fenerbahçe‘s soccer team scored in real life. For now, they published the demo version of the game. In that demo version, there are only some goals that Fenerbahçe scored against Galatasaray, which is the biggest rival team of them in Turkey. Fener Legend is also published on App Store and will become available soon on Google Play.

Fener Legend is coming. Now, you are going to score our unforgettable goals. We are publishing the demo version, the full version will be available soon.

You can download it from App Store.

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1907 Fenerbahçe Espor Won The Esports Team Of The Year Award!

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