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Futbolist Team Moves Up To Top 5 in the European Ranking

The Turkish representative in the Valorant stage, Futbolist moved to the Top 5 in the European rankings.

Founded in 2017, the Futbolist esports team has operated in many games. Some of these games are Valorant, FIFA, DOTA, PUBG, and PUBG Mobile. Lately, the Futbolist team accomplished to be among the last 4 in VCT Challengers 1 Turkey.

Updated on February 4, Futbolist became the 5th team with 611 points in the European ranking.

The Top 5 team ranking in THESPIKE.GG are as follow:

  • G2 Esports – 823 Points
  • Fnatic – 806 Points
  • Team Heretics – 764 Points
  • Team Liquid – 746 Points
  • Futbolist – 611 Points

In the current rankings, the closest team to Futbolist is Ninjas in Pyjamas with 529 points. Team Liquid is the 4th ranking team, they are 135 points ahead of the Futbolist.

Recently, the Futbolist team has managed to make a name for themselves in the VALORANT stage. The individual performances of the Valorant team also stand out.

Their performance in VCT 1 Challengers Turkey, played last week can be given as an example.

There are also other Turkish teams in the European ranking. The rankings and points of these teams are very close to each other.

Other Turkish teams in the top 20 are as follows:

  • 11. BBL Esports – 407 Points
  • 14. Oxygen Esports – 347 Points
  • 19. Sangal Esports – 312 Points
  • 20. Anatolia Esports – 309 Points

You can find the full European rankings here.

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Ali Anıl Tonka
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