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Gamer Arena Announces 3 Different Tournaments!

Gamer Arena, which serves 280,000+ users as a competitive esports platform in 21 different games has also announced the details of 3 different Discord Tournaments to be held in August. In total, these 3 tournaments will have a prize pool of ₺4500 ($520). The details are as follows;

Zula Discord Tournament

A tournament for Zula, one of the most played FPS games in Turkey, will start on August 18. The championship of the tournament will be live on Youtube/Gamer Arena on August 20.

The teams that participate in the tournament will also fight for a prize of 15,000 GA Coins. ($170)

Brawl Stars Discord Tournament

Brawl Stars tournament, one of the top games in the mobile game field, will take place in 3v3 format and will have a prize pool of 15,000 GA Coins. ($170)

The finals of the tournament is on 20 August. A live broadcast will happen on Youtube/GamerArena.

Pubg Mobile Discord Tournament

A prize pool of 15,000 GA Coins. ($170) awaits the participants in PUBG Mobile, one of the most played games in the world and in Turkey.

The final of the tournament will BE broadcast live on the Nimo/GamerArena channel on August 23.

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