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HUNDEN Tries To Take Down Former Teammates

Nicolai “⁠HUNDENPetersen, whose career hit the ground, managed to get even lower. Realizing that he can’t do anything, Heroic’s former coach tried to take his former teammates down with him.

The former coach has already mentioned in his latest statements that he is ready to leave his career behind.

An excerpt from a server log featuring René “TeSeS” Madsen has leaked to the public. This leak included a sensitive conversation between Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen and Nikolaj “niko” Kristensen. HUNDEN himself did not want to say who exactly knew about the exploit. Of course, later on, he realized that everyone on the team was taking advantage of the exploit.

In some of the published evidence, the dialogue takes place between HUNDEN and niko. In one of these segments, niko hints that not just some players but all the players on the roster were aware of what was going on:

Everyone on our team knew it. Maybe not the first time. But after. Everyone knew that.

At the time Heroic included TeSeS, niko, Casper “cadiaN” Møller, Martin “stavn” Lund and Johannes “b0RUP” Borup during the two matches where HUNDEN used the exploit.

TeSeS May Have Helped HUNDEN!

The posted footage also includes the server logs from the May 2, 2020 match in Home Sweet Home 5 where he used the coaching exploit in Dust2 against Spirit. The data in the logs show that the coach was then blocked before the start of the map. It then hints that TeSeS helped HUNDEN get to where he was watching the map for the first 12 rounds.

HUNDEN claims that when he used the exploit, the only other player on the server was the 20-year-old TeSeS, so the position could only be reached with his help. The logs were reviewed by one of the world’s leading referees, who has an in-depth knowledge of the coaching exploit. As a result, the referee agreed that HUNDEN’s explanation was absolutely plausible.

Heroic CEO Lashed Out at Ex-coach

Heroic CEO Joachim Haraldsen responded to the allegations on TV2:

“I have honestly had enough of HUNDEN’s attacks on all the boys he has coached. I think he should start growing up and take responsibility for what he did.

He [HUNDEN] has told TV 2 that he would submit his documentation to ESIC. So far we have not seen anything. We will certainly help ESIC with all the material they may need from us, but we no longer want to enter into a public discussion about accusations that “someone” knew “something” when it is based solely on isolated fragments of information without any context. This is not the way to prove or disprove anything.”

We will continue to follow further developments on the subject. Stay tuned!

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