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Interview with Eternal Fire’s coach Fabre!

As Esportimes, we conducted an interview with Eternal Fire’s coach Sezgin “Fabre” Kalaycı and asked some questions about Eternal Fire and himself.

Q1 Esportimes: Did Wicadia get used to the main roster? Did he live up to the expectations? Are you satisfied as a team or as a coach?

A1 Fabre: We were trying him out. He would practice with us for 10 days and then he would join the tournament with us. However, on the first day Ali Haydar joined, I was sure he was the right fit for us. Me and the players didn’t think he would be the right piece for us. He is very open to improvement, he takes what is said, listens and applies it. This is very good. A little inexperienced, but he’ll get over it in time. We would like to thank all the academy players and coach who played a role in his development.

Q2 Esportimes: Woxic is included as an AWP player again after a long time. Do you think the current roster is completed if we talk about roles.

A2 Fabre: Woxic had just left before i joined so that was a bad timing for me. I wanted to continue with him but under those circumstances it didn’t work out. So imoRR had to make sacrifice to play AWP. For me, he wasn’t bad quite the contrary he has a great talent with AWP but a rifler’s point of view is different from a AWP player. We had a problem with this but i think we got the maximum performance from a rifle and entry player. Currently, our team is well settled than it is used to. Now we have 3 powerful rifler, 1 AWP main and 1 main IGL. In my opinion, if we do our share our roles are quite spot on.

Q3 Esportimes: Including the tournaments that you participated and CCT Championship, what can you say about Eternal Fire’s performance in 2022?

A3 Fabre: It would be good if we could make it to the major but it didnt work out. When i came here my goal was TOP 10, we made it to the TOP 18 but then we had some falls. We were suppoesed to go more forward after winning the CCT Malta but then we regressed. I take those things normal. In this game either you go forward or you go backwards, everyone experiences these stuffs. But i know my aim and i will continue to work towards my aim as long as im here.

Q4 Esportimes: What are your future plans about your career?

A4 Fabre: We do not know what will happen in the future. I am not sure if i will do this job for years. I have been coaching for about 2 years. I won lots of things with this job but also lost lots of things too. Being a coach is hard and requires big responsibility. But i can say that i do not want to quit this job without winning a grand championship with a Turkish quintet. I have a dream.

Q5 Esportimes: Finally, what do you want to say your fans and Eternal Fire fans?

A5 Fabre: I love you all guys, sometimes i get very supportive and very sincere messages. Keep supporting us, the last bastion standing!

Sadettin Enes
Sadettin Enes
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