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KAFALAR Esports’ Founder Criticized the Turkish Esports Scene!

Internet celebrity Fatih Yasin, and one of the founders of KAFALAR Esports, criticized the players’ lack of professional behavior in his recent statements.

The organization decided to part ways with Caner “CyderX” Demir, Doğukan “QutionerX” Demir, and Üveys “Uveys94” Selimoğlu, who were in the VALORANT roster, on October 15.

KAFALAR Esports attracted attention with their success in ESA Open Fire All Stars and Champions Tour Turkey Stage 2: Challengers 1 events.


Fatih Yasin, one of the founders of the team, said:

The problem in Turkish esports is directly with the players. Players cannot act professionally or because there is no system, everyone creates a system according to their own mind.

This includes lobbying by players or managers. I’m a very new esports club manager and didn’t put a lot of effort into understanding the problems in the industry. Because everything is obvious and people don’t talk about it.

Because the situation becomes “DRAMA” by the players and their fans and unnecessary sensitivity begins.

In summary, I would like to say that; If we want success, we need to do it as a whole esports community within a professional system. In this case, we will be strong against brands and game companies.

Instead of building a sand castle that will be destroyed tomorrow, we should make a landscape that we can look at for many years. I hope this community that I enjoy grows to a world-class level.

Volkan Tankır
Volkan Tankır
A hardcore gamer, musician, photographer. Loves learning new things, keeps up with the world.


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