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League of Legends & Bershka Collaboration Announced!

A collaboration announcement came from the famous names of different sectors. The popular game LoL (League of Legends) and the world-famous clothing brand Bershka announced a partnership.

These two names have accomplished successful works in their own sectors. Their partnership made the fans excited. Bershka announced this collaboration on its Twitter account.

Of course Bershka being a clothing company means that there will be a new clotching collection centered around League of Legends.

These cloths are already available for purchase on Bershka’s website. The collection includes things like sweatshirts, t-shirts and shorts. However there have been some criticism regarding these products. Most of the critics said that there was no effort for the designs and the fan art was just printed on some random products.

However, LoL’s agreement with such a famous brand seems to have made some fans happy. Regardless of the criticism, these products will surely sell like hotcakes.

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