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Mustafa “MACHINERIS” Sürer, who was recently part of Futbolist, announced that he has ended his active VALORANT career. Saying that he will leave the Futbolist team and evaluate the offers, MACHINERIS has completely left the world of VALORANT.

Sürer, who has been in the VALORANT scene for more than a year, has appeared in many encounters. He also tried to show the whole VALORANT world that he was always open to improvement. MACHINERIS stated that he had the most enjoyable and beautiful moments of his career under RARE Esports. Later on, Futbolist and RARE Esports had decided to merge. As this was the case, the fate of the players in RARE Esports became unknown. Due to the fact that there were many players under the same banner, players started to make new plans for their careers.

RARE Esports has had many successes in their time with MACHINERIS. The player, on the other hand, did not take part in any official tournaments within Futbolist. During this time, he began to think about the future of esports.

MACHINERIS made some statements on Turkish esports. This attracted a lot of attention.

As everyone knows, unfortunately, the teams are full of players who are made up of friends and do not see the game we play without professionalism as a job. Of course, we have friends who see this job as a profession and work hard, but unfortunately they do not see the value they deserve from the teams. As a result, I got very cold from the game because everyone sees this as a business.

In addition, MACHINERIS said in a statement that Turkish esports will not achieve success compared to European region, but that they can train good players to play in Europe.

MACHINERIS, who remained in bitter pain as he had not won a championship in his VALORANT career, said that he could not cope with this situation. He also stated that he will provide the necessary assistance to young people who want to be in the esports from now on. He especially said that the friendships he formed were very good.

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Ertuğrul Ergül
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