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Most Watched Turkish Twitch Channels 01.04-01.10.2021

Compared to last weeks, Turkish Twitch streamers couldn’t get many views this week. But because of that applies to lots of them, the most-watched streamers list didn’t change much. Here are the most-watched Turkish Twitch streamers of the last week.

1) KendineMuzisyen

  • Kemal Can Parlak
  • Air time: 16.1 hours
  • Hours watched: 424 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 41,988 viewers
  • Twitch channel

KendineMuzisyen opened streams for only 4 days, but it still made him claim the first spot on the most-watched Turkish streamers list. His seven-hour-long stream on January 7 got 41,988 concurrent viewers. He mostly streamed in Just Chatting category, but he also played Rocket League and Forza Horizon 4.

2) Mithrain

  • Cem Karakoç
  • Air time: 66.2 hours
  • Hours watched: 321 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 11,243 viewers
  • Twitch channel

Mithrain is known for his FPS skills, and he streamed Escape From Tarkov for 58 hours. Also, he played PUBG and PUBG Mobile.

3) Jahrein

  • Ahmet Sonuç
  • Air time: 17.8 hours
  • Hours watched: 292 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 26,514 viewers
  • Twitch channel

Jahrein opened streams for 3 days, and he mostly preferred to stream in Just Chatting category. Besides that, he played Escape From Tarkov, Papers, Please, and Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.

4) wtcN

  • Ferit Karakaya
  • Air time: 20.5 hours
  • Hours watched: 267 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 26,227 viewers
  • Twitch channel

wtcN is one of the most popular streamers of Turkey. He played Valorant for 6 hours, GTA V for 6 hours. He also streamed in Just Chatting category for 4 hours.

5) pqueen

  • Pelin Baynazoğlu
  • Air time: 25.7 hours
  • Hours watched: 265 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers:  16,365 viewers
  • Twitch channel

The most popular female streamer of Turkey, pqueen streamed in Just Chatting category for 15 hours and interacted with her viewers. Apart from that, she also played Twin Mirror, Wordeous, and Chess.

6) Elwind

  • Kaan Atıcı
  • Air time: 20.6 hours
  • Hours watched: 215 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 21,530 viewers
  • Twitch channel

Elwind is one of the most popular League of Legends streamers of Turkey, also he is a professional LoL player. He played League of Legends for 15 hours and streamed in Just Chatting category in his remaining air time.


  • Semih Selvi
  • Air time: 26.8 hours
  • Hours watched: 208 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 14,084 viewers
  • Twitch channel

LEGOO is a professional Valorant player for BBL (BigBossLayf). He was in the fourth spot of the list last week but this week, he placed in the seventh spot. Also, he mostly streamed Valorant.

8) Hype

  • Çağrı Ergün
  • Air time: 17.6 hours
  • Hours watched: 181 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 17,792 viewers
  • Twitch channel

Just like last week, Hype placed in the eighth spot of the most-watched Turkish streamers list. He streamed in Just Chatting category for 8 hours. Also, he played different types of games this week, but from most to less air time, he played NBA 2K21, Witch It, and PUBG Mobile.

9) Crystal_LoL

  • Atakan Aydın
  • Air time: 44.2 hours
  • Hours watched: 149 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 6,528 viewers
  • Twitch channel

Just like Elwind, Crystal is a well-known League of Legends streamer of Turkey. He only streamed League of Legends, but he managed to stay at the ninth spot of the list.

10) PurpleBixi

  • Bahadır Telci
  • Air time: 19.6 hours
  • Hours watched: 131 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 13,744 viewers
  • Twitch channel

PurpleBixi likes to talk about the news in his streams. He claimed the tenth place by only streaming in Just Chatting category.

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