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Most Watched Turkish Twitch Channels 12.28.2020-01.03.2021

The week of the new year was quite popular amongst Turkish viewers too. Turkish streamers had a better week statistically. According to “StreamerCharts”, here are the most-watched Turkish Twitch channels.

1) KendineMuzisyen

  • Kemal Can Parlak
  • Air time: 26,2 hours
  • Hours watched: 910 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 72.526 viewers
  • Twitch channel

Kemal Can Parlak is a very popular Turkish streamer for years, and he’s the most-watched streamer of this week. He streamed in Just Chatting, GTA V, and Minecraft categories.

2) Elraenn

  • Tuğkan Gönültaş
  • Air time: 23,1 hours
  • Hours watched: 746 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 83.618 viewers
  • Twitch channel

Elraenn is known for his interactions with chat and viewers. He placed in #2 by streaming in Just Chatting, GTA V, and CS:GO categories.

3) pqueen

  • Pelin Baynazoğlu
  • Air time: 27,2 hours
  • Hours watched: 328 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 28.741 viewers
  • Twitch channel

pqueen is the most popular female streamer in Turkey, and she placed in third place on the list. She streamed in Just Chatting mostly, but she also played indie games like Dealer’s Life 2 and What Remains of Edith Finch.


  • Semih Selvi
  • Air time: 41,5 hours
  • Hours watched: 279 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 10.412 viewers
  • Twitch channel

Beside streaming, LEGOO is playing in BigBossLayf’s (BBL) professional Valorant team, which is one of the best Valorant teams in Turkey. As you can guess, he mostly streamed Valorant.

5) Jahrein

  • Ahmet Sonuç
  • Air time: 18 hours
  • Hours watched: 239 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 24.686 viewers
  • Twitch channel

Jahrein only streamed for four days, but he still managed to become one of the most-watched streamers. He streamed Escape From Tarkov for 9 hours. He also streamed in Just Chatting category.

6) wtcN

  • Ferit Karakaya
  • Air time: 17,4 hours
  • Hours watched: 216 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 24.646 viewers
  • Twitch channel

wtcN placed in the sixth place by streaming in Valorant, Just Chatting, and GTA V categories.

7) Mithrain

  • Cem Karakoç
  • Air time: 28,6 hours
  • Hours watched: 193 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 17.005 viewers
  • Twitch channel

Mithrain is known by his PUBG gameplay. He mostly streamed Escape From Tarkov, but acquired the most of his watched hours by streaming PUBG.

6) Hype

  • Çağrı Ergün
  • Air time: 18,3 hours
  • Hours watched: 155 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 16.812 viewers
  • Twitch channel

Hype took the eighth spot by streaming Just Chatting mostly, but he also played Valorant, GTA: Vice City, and PUBG.

9) Crystal_LoL

  • Atakan Aydın
  • Air time: 52,7 hours
  • Hours watched: 152 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 4.891 viewers
  • Twitch channel

Crystal has played League of Legends professionally, and he is streaming only League of Legends.

10) Elwind

  • Kaan Atıcı
  • Air time: 16,6 hours
  • Hours watched: 146 thousand hours
  • Peak viewers: 13.560 viewers
  • Twitch channel

Like Crystal, Elwind played League of Legends professionally, and he streamed mostly in this category. He also streamed in Just Chatting category too.

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