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Most Watched Twitch Streamers 01.25-01.31.2021

Unlike the previous week, we did not see tournaments or special events on Twitch, so the most-watched streamers list contains a lot of content creators. The most followed streamer, xQc took the lead with more than 4 million hours watched, and the German streamer Trymacs managed to place in the second spot. Here is the full list of the most-watched Twitch streamers of the last week of January.

1) xQcOW

  • Félix Lengyel, Canada
  • Air time: 78.6 hours
  • Hours watched: 4.35 million hours
  • Peak viewers: 84,947 viewers
  • Twitch channel

It’s not wrong to say that the Canadian streamer placed in the spot where he belongs. We previously saw him in the second or third spot of the weeks, but this week, the “warlord” became the most watched Twitch streamer around the world. He mostly streamed in Just Chatting, Valorant, and Minecraft categories.

2) Trymacs

  • Maximilian Alexander Curt StemmlerGermany
  • Air time: 39.6 hours
  • Hours watched: 3.57 million hours
  • Peak viewers: 293,900 viewers
  • Twitch channel

Trymacs has always stayed close to the top 10 most watched streamers list, and this week, he managed to become the second most watched streamer. He streamed in Just Chatting, FIFA 21, Pokémon Sword/Shield, and Pummel Party. Also, he got the most of the numbers from 27 hours long Just Chatting streams, even the number of the peak viewers.

3) HasanAbi

  • Hasan Piker, USA
  • Air time: 74.9 hours
  • Hours watched: 2.49 million hours
  • Peak viewers: 85,907 viewers
  • Twitch channel

The world is talking about the WSB-GameStop case, and of course, HasanAbi shared his opinions about it. He mostly streamed in the Just Chatting category, especially for that incident. On the other hand, he played games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Rust, and HITMAN 3.

4) btscsgo

  • Beyond The Summit Official Twitch Channel
  • Air time: 158.8 hours
  • Hours watched: 2.31 million hours
  • Peak viewers: 60.862 viewers
  • Twitch channel

Beyond The Summit’s official Twitch channel has streamed its recent CS:GO tournament, cs_summit 7 all week long, and that’s more than enough to make the channel one of the most watched channels of Twitch.

5) ibai

  • Ibai Llanos, Spain
  • Air time: 27.2 hours
  • Hours watched: 2.18 million hours
  • Peak viewers: 405,538 viewers
  • Twitch channel

One of the most popular Spanish streamers, ibai talked about football (soccer if you wish) news, because it was the last week of the transfer window. One of his Just Chatting streams got more than 400 thousand concurrent viewers and that statistic made him the top streamer with the most concurrent viewers of the week. Besides Just Chatting, he also streamed Among Us, GeoGuesst, and League of Legends.

6) Castro_1021

  • Edwin Castro, USA
  • Air time: 52.2 hours
  • Hours watched: 2.12 million hours
  • Peak viewers: 870,667 viewers
  • Twitch channel

Just like Trymacs, we’ve seen Castro mostly in the top 20 streamers on the weekly basis, but he found his spot this week by placing in the sixth spot. The worldwide-known FIFA streamer, of course, streamed FIFA 21 only.

7) Gaules

  • Alexandre Borba, Brasil
  • Air time: 171.1 hours
  • Hours watched: 2.06 million hours
  • Peak viewers: 68,405 viewers
  • Twitch channel

The previous week’s leader, Gaules is placed in the seventh spot this week. He participated in the Twitch Rivals CS:GO tournament, also he streamed in Among Us, FIFA 21, and Just Chatting categories.

8) LCK_Korea

  • League of Legends Korean League Official Channel (Korean)
  • Air time: 35.8 hours
  • Hours watched: 1.92 million hours
  • Peak viewers: 134,415 viewers
  • Twitch channel

While LCK Spring Split 2021 continues, the tournament’s official Twitch account also continues to get views. Two weeks ago’s the most-watched fifth channel is in the eighth spot this week.

9) dota2mc_ru

  • Dota 2 Official Channel (Russian)
  • Air time: 119.8 hours
  • Hours watched: 1.92 million hours
  • Peak viewers: 71,872 viewers
  • Twitch channel

Another MOBA-game-themed channel, dota2mc_ru also got many views. Different tournaments have been streamed from the channel and Russian Twitch users showed their interests to the tournaments via the channel.

10) Tubbo

  • Toby Smith, England
  • Air time: 22.8 hours
  • Hours watched: 1.81 million hours
  • Peak viewers: 203,070 viewers
  • Twitch channel

Tubbo is mostly known for his YouTube contents, but the young lad also has a big potential in the streaming industry too. He streamed Minecraft for 15 hours, and spared his remaining air time to CS:GO.

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