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Naz Aletaha Became Global Head of League of Legends Esports!

Riot Games continues to develop League of Legends game with its large player base. It has become a globally popular game, constantly bringing new innovations to its fans. The company recently announced a promotion. With this, Naz Aletaha became the Global Head of League of Legends Esports.

Naz Aletaha has been in the League of Legends esports division for years. She will be responsible for creating and executing the vision, strategy and roadmap for the League of Legends esports. This includes overseeing the title’s 12 regional leagues and three international events.

Aletaha’s previous position, Head of Global Esports Partnerships and Business Development, is currently vacant. That’s why Naz Aletaha will also be responsible for this part until Riot finds a new person. With her new position, Aletaha has taken on the top executive role in League of Legends Esports. John Needham, Head of Global Esports at Riot Games, later said of Naz:

Naz’s impact at Riot Games has been impressive for a decade. With eight of those years driving the esports business development efforts as a member of our leadership team. Her tireless efforts, business acumen, and passion for our game, fans, partners, and players makes her the perfect fit to lead us into the next decade of LoL Esports

With so many responsibilities, Aletaha will also carry out another task. Naz will communicate with sponsors, media partners, and other stakeholders in the esports ecosystem. The new Global Head of League of Legends Esports later said:

LoL Esports was built from the passion of many. From Rioters to the pro teams to our partners and most importantly our fans, our community took a bold vision and made it a reality: to build a global sport. I’m honoured to have been part of this community these many years. This is the future of sport, and I’m thrilled for the opportunity to play a role in that future.

Naz will also be the Executive Producer of the Paramount+ scripted comedy series ‘Players’.

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