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Pr1me Parted Ways With Galakticos Following a Controversy!

A terrible claim has been made about Mustafa “Pr1me” Bilici, the top lane player of the Galakticos team. This led to a full blown controversy that concluded with pr1me leaving the team.

Following the Elmalı Case in Turkey, Team Galakticos shared their thoughts on Twitter with the Turkish people.

We follow with sadness the experiences of our children in #ElmalıDavası. Abuse of people, especially children, is absolutely unacceptable. We hope such incidents will end as soon as possible.

Galakticos, @TeamGalakticos

After this tweet by Galacticos, their former player Maximillion replied.


I didn’t know you were so against child abuse. You are no different from those people while you are still working with a gamer who goes from city to city to be with a 14 year old child.

hamza, @maximillionlol

A few hours later, a twitlonger from Maximillion was published. Making a statement on the subject, Maximillion made embarrassing claims about Pr1me and claimed that he had evidence against the player. After stating that he made the necessary complaint, he added that no sanctions were imposed from the club.

After this statement, eyes turned to Galacticos and Mustafa “Pr1me” Bilici. Making a quick statement on the subject, Galacticos stated that they were not aware of the issue and that they would examine the evidence and look at a possible legal action. Here is the full statement made by Galacticos:

We regretfully follow the allegation claiming that one of our players abuses children, and the comments made about our club based on this allegation.

As Galakticos, we have always determined our general principles and choices within the framework of legal rules and human values since the first day of our establishment. We have never compromised these rules and values for our commercial and personal interests. As a matter of fact, we want you to know that we will definitely not allow the people in our team or representing us to violate these rules and values, and to abuse a girl, regardless of the reason and explanation, within a subject and period that we are so socially sensitive to.

We would like to point out that the details and content of the subject are meticulously followed by our legal team. However, as you all know, it is also illegal for us to make a judgment by putting ourselves in the shoes of the prosecutor or the court, based on a mere allegation, unless there is an investigation that has just begun, statements taken, evidence examined, and most importantly, a decision made by the prosecutor’s office or the court.

In this context, we expect the club, whose partners and brand value are known to the public, not to be put under suspicion with such statements. We bring to the attention of the public that we will take all necessary legal remedies to protect all our material and moral rights from tomorrow on.


Pr1me Left Galakticos!

After these claims were made, Jahrein, a prominent Turkish streamer, confirmed the legal case was filed. Shortly after that, Galakticos and Pr1me separated their ways. Here is the full statement from Galakticos:

We have not received any official application or record that we have repeatedly requested from our former player, Hamza “Maximillion” Kandemir, regarding today’s claim that we are unintentionally involved in. Even after the relevant tweet, the documents and applications we requested were not delivered to us. However, after Hamza “Maximillion” Kandemir’s statements and our meeting with Jahrein, who has been interested in the subject from the very beginning, we have received information that the prosecution applications were real.

Following this, we parted ways with our player Mustafa “pr1me” Bilici. We once again share our sadness with the public for being involved in such an event. On behalf of our club, we would like to thank dear Jahrein, who approached and enlightened the subject sensitively.


Before this announcement, Pr1me had stated he withdrew from the team voluntarily. Furthermore, he stated that his girlfriend had told him she was 16 years old and not 14. In addition, Mustafa Bilici stated that there was no use of force or threats to the girl. However, he mentioned that the girl’s family is currently threatening him.

It is going to be interesting to see where this event will go from here. We have to remember that there is some clear evidence and a proper confession from pr1me. It is not yet known which top laner will Galacticos continue within the ongoing Champions League.

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