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PUBG PGI.S Weekly Final #4 Day 1 Concluded

The first day of PGI.S Weekly Final #4, in which also Digital Athletics (DA) participated, ended up. The teams that won a match in Weekly Survival#4, qualified for Weekly Final #4. Turkish team DA won match 14 in Weekly Survival #4 and advanced to the weekend finals. On the first day of Weekly Final #4, the teams faced each other and Tough struggles are showed up for viewers.

Digital Athletics participated in this tournament with the following roster:

  • Mert “Mert” Güngör
  • Samil “Mitraleius” Ozkan
  • Furkan “Smash” Şanlı
  • Bünyamin ”CodeMarco” Yalçınkaya
  • Murat “SIXMO” Öztürk (Coach)

We can say that DA exhibited a top level performance in today’s matches and excited its supporters by collecting a good score. The points that Turkish team got in the matches which is played today are as follows:

1st match2 kills8th place3 points
2nd match9 kills1st place19 points
3rd match3 kills4th place7 points
4th match3 kills3rd place8 points
5th match5 kills9th place5 points

The Digital Athletics team is in the 3rd place with 42 points after 5 matches played. The teams that won the matches played today were respectively MultiCircle Gaming (MCG), Digital Athletics (DA), OATH, DayTrade (DAY) and Tianba Esports (TIAN).

As a result of the matches played today, DayTrade Gaming (DAY) took the first place with 54 points, INFANTRY (IFTY) took the second place with 43 points and the Digital Athletics (DA) team took the third place with 42 points.

PGI.S Weekly Final #4 will be completed with the matches played tomorrow. In total, 5 more matches will be played tomorrow and as a result of these matches, the top 4 teams in the total score ranking will be awarded. In the PGI.S event, the Rewards are increasing exponentially every week and the total prize pool for the 4th week is  $ 300,000. In the Weekly Final #4 stage, the 1st place team will receive 150,000 $, and the 2nd place will be 75,000 $, and the 3rd and 4th place will be awarded $ 37,000. In addition, the teams that are in the Weekly Finals #4, will be among the top 16 teams in Weekly Survival #5 and they will play more matches to reach Weekly Final #5. Matches will start at CET 11:00 hours and you can watch live here.

Selahattin Çat
Selahattin Çat
İsmim Selahattin 22 yaşındayım. Öğrenciyim İstanbul'da okumaktayım. Espor ve oyun dünyası ile ilgiliyim ve yakından takip etmekteyim


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