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Razer Invitational Expands to the Middle East!

Razer Invitational, the esports tournament series of gaming peripherals brand Razer, is also expanding to the Middle East region.

4 games 4 tournaments in one month of excitement and competition brought to you by Razer! Throughout the month of August, join us in a series of tournaments like never before for PUBG Mobile, Black Ops, League of Legends and Valorant! Register now: https://razerinvitational.com/me/ar

Razer Middle East

The event will begin on August 8th. Players from the region will compete in four separate tournaments over the course of a week. The four games selected for the Razer Invitational Middle East are Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, VALORANT, PUBG Mobile and League of Legends.

Razer also revealed that the event will have a total prize pool of $50,000. Razer products will also be presented to the winners of the side contests. Cash prizes will also be awarded to tournament MVPs.

Razer Invitational 2021

Viewers who vote for tournament MVPs will be eligible for a raffle to win Razer peripherals.

Yann Salsedo, Head of Razer EMEA Esports, said the following about the event:

“The Razer Invitational series is an inclusive space that gives all gamers the opportunity to take part in a large-scale online tournament and to experience the thrill of competitive play.

“Bringing the Razer Invitational series to the Middle East is a big step in cultivating the next generation of esports talent from the region. Featuring multiple titles allows more players, at every skill level, to compete and have their shot at glory.”

Yann Salsedo

According to the press release, MENA players of all skill levels will be able to sign up to compete in the Razer Invitational. Participation in each game will be free. Players will have opportunities to compete in an online event with the possibility of earning cash and gear.

Razer’s decision to move its esports tournament series to the Middle East will certainly provide a welcome boost to the region’s esports scene. The event provides players with opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable. The announcement also continues to highlight Razer’s integration into the esports ecosystem.

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