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Riot Games Reveals New Clip For Arcane

Anticipation is killing me. Riot Games has released a new clip about Arcane, an animated series that takes place in the Runeterra universe, specifically Zaun/Piltover. Arcane is going to be on Netflix this fall.

Arcane: A Score To Settle

In the beginning, the only information we had was the series will be about the League of Legends (obviously). Then Riot Games slowly began to reveal pieces of information and share teasers that were kept in secret. A couple of months ago, we learned that story will take place in Zaun/Piltover region. Moreover, the story will focus on the childhood of Jinx and Vi. There are a couple of things in the clip that I want to point out;

  • Eyes of the Jinx. In the popular “Get Jinxed” music video, Jinx’s eyes were pink and she was in a rather manic state. However, in the Arcane clip, her eyes were blue. Perhaps in Arcane, we get to see how and why Jinx descent to madness.
  • On the boxing arcade machine, we see the names of Vi and Clag. We obviously know who the Vi is. Clag is probably the childhood friend of Jinx and Vi. Maybe Clag has a huge part of Jinx’s mental breakdown? Who knows?
  • The crow scene. Well, that’s a no brainer, if you ask me. A little “hmph” sound before she shoots the crow. Chills.
  • Vi flashback scenes. For some reason, memories involving Vi, really affect Jinx. What did Vi do to Jinx? Whatever she did, it badly affected the psychological state of Jinx.
  • Animation? 10/10! The sheer impact of punches, the animation flow, facial expressions… simply amazing. Huge shoutout to Fortiche Productions!

League of Legends animations were simply gorgous and now they give us a full seasoned Netflix show? They’re spoiling us, the gaming community. I’m super stoked about Arcane. The Runeterra universe is simply enormous. I want to see the battle of Aspects vs Darkin. Maybe an alternative show takes place in PROJECT Universe. Opportunities are endless and I’m curious to see what Riot Games has planned for us.

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Ata Camkıran
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