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Riot Made a Statement on Perkz’s Transfer Agreement!

With the start of the transfer period, the teams had their eyes on the successful mid-laner Luca “Perkz” Perkovıc. There were rumors that the veteran player would go to Fnatic. However, G2 Esports held a secret meeting with Cloud9 and blocked the possible transfer of the player.

Perkz has been restricted via his buyout from pursuing any deals with Fnatic, the long-standing rival of Perkz’s former team G2, for the next three years.

There were those who argued that this situation was natural in competitive conditions, as well as those who argued that it was wrong because it affected the career of the player.

Following the news of Jacob Wolf of the Dot Esports team, Fnatic requested that this situation be investigated. Riot Games made an announcement on its official Twitter account.

Director of Operations – Global Esports, Tom Martell said:

Our current rules governing player transfers do not explicitly prohibit transfers by the receiving team. So we will not penalize G2 and C9 for including such a clause in their agreement.

Going forward, we will update our rules to prohibit future restrictions in transfer agreements. As they are not in line with the values and interests of our sport.

Following the announcement from Riot Games, Perkz can negotiate offers with Fnatic. According to Martell, both C9 and G2 will have to handle possible enforcement of the restriction internally.

There are rumors that Perkz could join Team Vitality alongside Team Liquid’s Top-Laner Alphari and MAD Lions’ AD’s Carzzy. The transfer period for LCS and LEC starts on November 15.

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