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Sangal Esports Will Participate In The Home Sweet Home Tournament

Sangal Esports announced on its official Twitter account that they were included in the Home Sweet Home tournament.

Relog Media, the organizer of Nine to Five and Home Sweet Home tournaments, announced the list of the teams that will participate in Snow Sweet Snow Cup 1, their first tournament this year. The company will hold 3 separate Snow Sweet Snow tournaments between January and March. Each tournament will last for 1 month and the prize pool will be $ 100k.

As Sangal Esports we are proud to announce that we are part of the #HOMESWEETHOME tournament! We will represent our country in the best way in 2021 tournaments.

Each Snow Sweet Snow tournament is divided into 4 separate tournaments and the prize pool is also divided amongst them. Regional GSL Qualifiers will be played first. There are 8 groups in the GSL Qualifiers and the best 2 teams from each group will participate in the Regional Swiss Qualifiers. The top 8 teams from the regional Swiss Qualifiers will go to the Main Switzerland tournament and join the 8 previously invited teams. From here, the best 8 teams will go to the playoffs with 4 invited teams.

Berke “Vlad” Kantürk will broadcast the matches of the tournament, in which our representative will also participate. You can click here to access Vlad’s Twitch account.

Another organization that we are entitled to for broadcasting licenses. Sangal made a really nice entrance to 2021

Structure and Prize Pool of 3 Snow Sweet Snow Tournaments

  • Regional GSL Qualifiers 1000 dollars per winning team (Total 16 thousand dollars)
  • Regional Swiss Qualifiers Two thousand dollars per winning team (16 thousand dollars in total)
  • Main Swiss Qualifiers 3 thousand dollars per winning team (24 thousand dollars in total)
  • Playoffs ($ 44K)

Teams That Will Compete in Regional GSL Qualifying Groups

  • BDT 1
    • Unique
    • SG.pro
    • Winstrike
    • HellRaisers
  • BDT 2
    • VP.Prodigy
    • Project X
    • EC Kyiv
    • BEZ ZP
  • East Scandinavia
    • KOVA
    • SJ
    • Young Ninjas
    • Lilmix
  • West Scandinavia
    • Astralis Talent
    • AGF
    • Tricked
    • Lyngby Vikings
  • EU West
    • Vexed
    • Sinners
    • TheDice
    • GamerLegion
  • Siberia
    • OFFSET
    • FTW
    • Velox
    • eXploit
  • Balkan
    • Sangal
    • 4glory
    • FATE
    • SKADE
  • Poland
    • AGO
    • Pompa
    • Izako Boars

GAndhi Joined Sangal Esports As Analyst!

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