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Second Day of PUBG PGI.S Weekly Survival #6

The second day of Weekly Survival #6, the 6th week survival matches in the PUBG PGI.S tournament, has been completed. With 6 matches played today, 6 more teams qualified to the finals. It was a better day than yesterday for the Turkish team Digital Athletics, however, it was not enough to succeed to the finals.

The teams that managed to qualify for the Weekly Final #6 were as follows;

  • Infantry (IFTY)
  • Buriram United Esports (BRU)
  • DivisionX Gaming (DXG)
  • Zenith E-Sports (ZEN)
  • Shoot To Kill (STK)
  • Oath Gaming (OATH)

There will be 5 more matches that will play tomorrow and the Weekly Survival # 6 event will end. Turkish team Digital Athletics now has the last 5 matches left to make it to the finals. Digital Athletics has to win one of these matches to be played tomorrow. Teams that will join the lobby tomorrow are LG Divine (LGDV), TSM, DAMWON KIA (KIA), Attack All Around (AAA) and K7 Esports.

As a result of the matches to be played tomorrow, the Weekly Final # 6 teams will be completely determined. Tomorrow will be an important day for all teams which did not qualify for the final. Because the tournament will be over for the teams that cannot make it to the finals. Matches will play tomorrow (24.03.2021) and they will start at CET 11:00 hours and you can follow these matches from Pubg Twitch channel.

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Selahattin Çat
Selahattin Çat
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