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SuperMassive Blaze announced disbanding PUBG team

Turkish Esports organization SuperMassive Blaze announced disbanding PUBG team due to poor management of PUBG Esports.

We regret to inform you that we have decided to disband our PUBG team and will no longer compete in PUBG Esports as of January 2022. We would like you to know that this was a decision we didn’t take lightly. Since day one, we have been working relentlessly to contribute to the overall esports ecosystem in our region; from investing in emerging professional players to actively participating in various esport communities and working closely with publishers to take the tournament experience to the next level. However, after our recent meeting with PUBG Esports team, we came to the unfortunate conclusion that our serious efforts were not taken into consideration in their decision making. In particular, we struggled to understand their thinking around the tournament invitation and partnership selections, as well as their game rule changes despite recent player feedback. We hope to come back stronger if and when we are able to get more clarity and reach an agreement on these points. We would like to thank all our players and staff who have served and contributed to the SMB PUBG team so far. Regards.

SuperMassive Blaze


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