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Team Demiral Esports’ Post Attracts Attention!

Turkish National Football Player Merih Demiral recently announced his own esports organization. Founded as Team Demiral Esports, the team recently announced that they would compete in the esports scene.

It is still a matter of curiosity in which game the organization will be competing in. Realizing this, the team published a small puzzle for the fans on their social media accounts and asked them to find out which game they would step into first.

What game do you think our first team will be from?
Fastest one wins, can you see it?

While the puzzle contains a lot of words, my guess would be CS:GO. The words in the puzzle give the signal that it will come to an FPS game with terms such as “Rush B” and “First Person”.

We can say that CS: GO and VALORANT are the two main esports titles. At least among the top-ranked games, these two games always stand out. Since the character standing behind is not a VALORANT character, I think their first team seems to be CS:GO. Of course, it is worth noting that that this is just a personal opinion.

Turan Erdoğan
Turan Erdoğan
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