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Turkey Finished Spike Nations Group A Unbeaten!

Valorant Spike Nations was announced a while ago, with Riot Games and Twitch as the sponsors. In Spike Nations tournament, which had the attendance of 10 countries, a team with wtcN as the captain was going to represent Turkey.

The 10 teams divided into two and Turkey was in Group A. Our opponents in Group A was: Spain, France, Poland, and Italy.

Spike Nations Turkey vs. Spain

The first match on the Valorant Spike Nations tournament, which started on the 6th of November, was from Group A. Turkey had three matches on the first day. In the opening match, our representative team faced Spain. All the matches were in the Best of One format and Turkey started the tournament with a win by defeating their opponent by 13-11.

Spike Nations Turkey vs. France

In the second match of the groups, our representatives faced France. We managed to win smoothly with a score of 13-6.

Spike Nations Turkey vs. Italy

Italy was the opponent of Turkey on the third match of the first day. Our representatives managed to get a 13-8 score against the favorite of the group Italy and completed the first day with 3W – 0L.

Today (7 November), on the second day of the tournament, the last two matches of Valorant Spike Nations Group A were played. The first match was between Italy and Spain, and Spain secured the second place in Group A by defeating Italy.

Spike Nations Turkey vs. Poland

As for the last match of Group A, our representatives faced Poland. Turkey beat Poland effortlessly by 13-7. Thus, Turkey won all the matches in the group. As a result, Turkey finished Group A unbeaten and took its place in the semi-finals.

Right now, Turkey has won the most prize out of other teams by winning $7.200. The closest opponent is Spain with $5.016. Also, at the end of the tournament, the prizes will be donated to selected charity organizations of the country. By this means, Spike Nations is a really nice tournament with its success of creating a social awareness.

Given below is the current score table and the group chart:
spike nations turkey

In Group B, there are Team CIS, Germany, Team Nordic representing the Northern countries, Team Portugal and Team UK.

Also, Group B matches started today. 6 matches will be played today and the 4 remaining ones will be played tomorrow to complete the group phase. The 2 teams to finish Group B will join the semi-finals. The first team from Group B will play against Spain and the second team from Group B will play against Turkey.

After that, semi-finals and final will take place and the champion of Valorant Spike Nations tournament will be clear. Our representatives are the biggest champion nominees of the tournament with 4W – 0 L. We as the Esport Times team wish them success and hope to see them as the champions!

You can follow the Valorant Spike Nations tournament matches from Turkey’s team members’ Twitch channels;  wtcN, RoguLEGOO. Also, gAndhi is hosting the Spike Nations matches from his Twitch channel.

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