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Turkish Valorant player “Toronto” made a statement on Twitter

20 years-old Turkish VALORANT Erdem “Toronto” Soğukpınar made a long statement about the allegations made against him on his official Twitter account.

First of all, hello everyone.
I have been silent for a long time and did not give any explanation, first of all, I apologize to all of you for this silence, I was trying to understand the situation and resolve it through justice, but I think it’s time to make a statement. With each passing day, something is added to the claims without looking either right or wrong, and it continues to harm me more and more every day.
First of all, I wanted to state that my leaving OXG has nothing to do with these issues.
Since these allegations first came out, I have tried to exchange ideas with club owners, managers, players, lawyers, everyone and try to understand the event and explain it here as well as possible. And legally, I constantly researched the situation and went after it because waiting for it to be resolved silently does me more harm than good every day. I can help you by explaining all the details of what I’ve been through and what I know, wherever necessary.
I tried to do it and I hope I succeeded. I applied to the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor with a petition to find out if there are any investigations, secret investigations or lawsuits filed against me at the moment, and I gathered all the documents I could. There is no case-file about me, but as I stated below, I did not give up on the subject, and I will continue to do everything I can.
The reason why I waited until the events were resolved and I took part in the last tournament with NOM Esports was that I had so much success at the age of 20, and I did not want to end with a bad ending like in the last tournament because I still think that I am at the very beginning of everything in this field of “esports”, where I sacrificed my school, family, social life for more than 20 hours a day. I am very ambitious and all I want is to achieve my goals in this career that I have scraped with my nails from the beginning. Don’t think that I’m backed out by making this statement.
Thank you for reading this far.

Erdem “Toronto” Soğukpınar

Toronto has also attached documents related to its investigations to the bottom of his article. Click here to access the full text and images.

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