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Tweet of President of TESFED Afsin Ozdemir Sparked Controversy

President of Turkish Esports Federation Alper Afşin Özdemir sat on an agenda because of his tweet. President of TESFED Alper Afşin Özdemir visited the camp where Hado National Team was held, he stated; “I have full faith that we will win our first medal in esports at the national team level in France“.

But, the 2016 World Championships Champion is Turkey!

After the visitation to Hado National Team auditions, TESFED President Alper Afşin Özdemir’s tweet caused a discussion in the esports world. He became the subject to criticism from followers because when he tweeted those words, he forgot that Turkey had already won the 2016 World Championships.

Turkish Esports Federation Board Member Bora Koçyiğit tried to respond criticisms instead of Alper Afşin Özdemir. In response to the criticism, he said the following words;

Friends, representation of the country as a national team exists only if there is a team approved and selected by a federation

There are other national teams of Turkey who succeeded in the point of representing the country but none of them are official

Do not confuse the concepts!

Whoever has represented our country and raised our flag, has a permanent place in our hearts!

Turkish Esports Federation Board Member Bora Koçyiğit

Roster of Turkey in 2016 World Championships

  • İsmailcan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş
  • Engin “MAJ3R” Küpeli
  • Buğra “Calyx” Arkın
  • Ahmet “paz” Karahoca
  • Çağatay “DESPE” Sedef
  • Canpolat “hardstyle” Yıldıran (Coach)

8 countries attended to the event, Turkey finished in the first place and the team won $ 50,000 prize money.

Here are those criticisms;

Co-Founder Sangal Esports – Hamza Sönmez
Co-owner Thatoc Esports – Semih Koç

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