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Valorant Elite Invitational Group B Winners

Turkey’s top 16 teams are competing to become the champions of the Valorant Elite Invitational. On the second day of the tournament, Group B matches are completed. 5 matches took place and Dark Passage and Oxygen Esports left the matches as qualified teams.

Valorant Elite Invitational Group A Winners

The first match of Group B was between Dark Passage and Anka Esports. Dark Passage played well in the Ascent and won the match by 13-7. After the match, Anka Esports became the first team of the lower bracket.

Valorant Elite Invitational

The second match of the group was between Oxygen Esports and Steel Tactics. This match was played in the Ascent, too, and Oxygen won the match easily by 13-6.

Valorant Elite Invitational

The next match was the first game of the upper bracket. Dark Passage played much better than Oxygen Esports and won the match in the Ascent by 13-5, and became the first team from Group B to qualify for the playoffs.

Valorant Elite Invitational

On the lower bracket, Anka Esports faced Steel Tactics. Anka managed to win the match in the Ascent by 13-8. After the result, Anka Esports continued its journey but Steel Tactics was eliminated from the tournament.

Valorant Elite Invitational

The last match of Group B was played between Anka Esports and Oxygen Esports, the two teams that won and lost a match each. This Bo3-formatted match would determine the second team to qualify from Group B. In the first map, Bind, both teams were grinding to win. But Oxygen managed to win the match by 13-10. The second match was played in Icebox. Oxygen won the match by 13-8 and became the second team from Group B to qualify for the playoffs.

Final Standings of Group B

Dark Passage20
Oxygen Esports21
Anka Esports12
Steel Tactics02
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