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VALORANT New Game Mode Is Coming With Patch 2.03!

VALORANT has a very large player base and a developer team that constantly brings innovations to keep their players engaged. VALORANT developers are trying to increase the pleasure of the players with the patches they bring. A new mode that will excite the players is added to VALORANT, which has modes such as Spike Rush, and Death Match. The new game mode for VALORANT mode will be available in patch 2.03!

Snowball Battle, the short-time game mode that came before, offered many players the opportunity to get out of the competitive atmosphere and play a more “chill” game. This time, the game mode includes 5 vs 5 battles like the normal mode. The logic of the game will be as follows:

  • 5v5
  • Kill rivals and race through 12 Upgrade Levels.
  • The first team to complete all 12 levels or reach the highest level after 10 minutes wins.
  • 800 XP per game and +200 XP per win
  • Kill Against Enemies at Current Increase Level: 1 point
  • Kills Against Enemies at a Previous Promotion Level: 0.5 points

Each new level reached will grant a new weapon or ability. The team that made the necessary kills with the last weapon will win the match. When the matches start, everyone will start the same in the first two levels and random weapons will be given at level 3. This new “Escalation” VALORANT game mode will be a great option for players who do not have much time and want to get into shorter, 10-minute matches.

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