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Valstars Gaming’s Female Players Suffered Harassment

Players from Turkey based esports organization Valstars Gaming have been sexually harassed in-game. Making a statement on the subject, VG officials condemned the act.

Valstars Gaming entered the VALORANT scene last week with five female players. The team consisted of CS:GO veterans, so this made some fans really excited for the upcoming tournaments. But the VG players who participated in today’s training match faced some problems.

The professional player, announced that she and her teammates were subjected to harassment. The team’s Omen player, Merve “Aphrodite” Güleryüz said, “they say, what are we taking a pause between the match, did you go to freshen up your lipsticks or something, exactly my brother, we left the match to put on make-up”.

Expressing his apology after the incident, Kağıtspor Esports Coach also stated that the necessary conversation will be made with the relevant people. Valstars Gaming official Sarp Meriç was quick to make a mandatory statement regarding the harassment.

Official Statement From Valstars Gaming

Sarp Meriç, who thanked Kağıtspor Coach for his sensitivity and quick return, published Valstars Gaming’s statement on Twitter. In addition, VG announced that they launched the “#whoruntheworld” campaign for female players who have been abused in any way. Valstars Gaming’s statement is as follows;

As the Valstars Team, we would like to state that we will never compromise on such sexist harassment, that we will always share such behaviors to the community, and that we will not hesitate to use team and player names while sharing it. It should be known that our sensitivity on the subject applies not only to our own players but also to other female players in the community.

In order to turn this unfortunate event that happened to us into a good cause, we are launching the #whoruntheworld campaign so that female players who have suffered verbal or written harassment in the community can voice their complaints. Respect for Women is one of the most important teachings to be taught by the family. As the Valstars team, we are here to teach the subject of “Respect for Women” over and over again. We would like to thank @emyigittekin for his sensitivity and quick response on the subject. #whoruntheworld

Sarp Meriç

Considering the average esport audience, it is a pity that events such as this still happen. I wish Valstars Gaming to rise and get stronger.


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