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Vezni Tönissen Made a Statement About TCL!

Vezni Tönissen shared his thoughts on the Arab teams that are expected to join TCL in the upcoming seasons. He is currently the Managing Director of 5 Ronin and also a former Riot Games employee.

Vezni Tönissen’s Guesses About The Situation

The partnership period of 2021-2024 will be the strongest time for Turkish LoL teams ever.
There will be many Arab teams in TCL and as far as I know, these teams have no intention of recruiting Turkish players. The Turkish player pool will be greatly relaxed.

-Teams can have 3 Turkish gamers for their squads.
-Salaries will drop since there will be more players than demanded. More money will be spent on imports.
Although the number of Turkish teams decreases, their power will increase.

Vezni Tönissen said that the next 3 seasons will be the strongest period in the history of TCL, and that with the increase in players, the salaries of local players will decrease and accordingly, “Import” players, that is, players who can be bought from abroad will be allocated more salaries.

However, there will be a huge retirement wave. The number of players who quit the professional stage and switch to Elo boosting and streaming will increase.
I guess there will be as many Arab teams as the Turkish teams in the League. There seems to be a minimum of 3 teams for sure.

These are all my guesses for now.

With this development, trends in the sector seem to change. He argues that the “retirement” wave will begin in the players and that these players could switch to streaming and Elo boosting.

So far, we have not heard any official announcement stating that Arab teams will join TCL. However, there have been rumors for a long time that both new teams can join the league and that some teams may be sold.

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Ecem Subaşılar
Ecem Subaşılar
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