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VRL Northern Europe: Polaris teams decided

The VRL Northern Europe: Polaris closed qualification is over. Some of the region’s most prominent squads are among the eight teams who qualified for Northern Europe’s regional league.

The open qualification drew around 120 teams, however all of the major squads easily advanced to the knockout rounds. KOVA, Yacine “Yacine” Laghmari and Malkolm “bonkar” Rench’s new squad YONK, and Vexed Gaming were among the well-known groups such as EXCEL, Alliance, and TENSTAR. The organization’s female team, G2 Gozen, also advanced to the final round of the qualification before being ousted by English mix zyzz.

The top four names mentioned above comfortably got themselves in VRL Northern Europe in the closed qualifying. Only KOVA dropped a map in each of the two upper bracket matchups played by TENSTAR, Alliance, EXCEL, and KOVA. KOVA dropped a map in their opening match against GiefKalash, but recovered to win the series 2-1 and qualify for the VRL. GOODFOR1, HEET, GiefKalash, and zyzz were the first teams eliminated in the bottom bracket, falling to who cars?, dog$afari, YONK, and JOKERS, respectively. In the final rounds, the final four teams competed against Vexed Gaming, H2O, The Goose House, and Human Tripwires. Three of the four qualifying matches were swept 2-0. Without a map going into overtime, H2O were the only team to qualify. YONK, on the other hand, needed two 15-13 wins to qualify. Human Tripwires vs. JOKERS was the lone match that went the distance, and it eventually benefited the former, who were the final team to qualify for the regional league.

The whole VRL Northern Europe: Polaris team list is as follows:

The regular season of VRL Northern Europe: Polaris is set to begin on February 14 and end on March 9.


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