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The latest transfer news from Turkey.

Team Liquid is Radically Changing its CS:GO Team!

Team Liquid, one of the best organizations in the world, plans to make radical changes in its CS:GO team. After finishing the PGL Major with some bad results, everyone expected some changes from the American organization. Shox, who is expected to leave Vitality, is said to be joining Team Liquid. In addition, nitr0, who is […]

Unknownpros Parted Ways With Jaskier & Pleidas!

Unknownpros, one of the successful Turkish esports organizations, has parted ways with Orhan “Jaskier” Kahraman and Demirhan “Pleidas” Demir, who played in its VALORANT squad. It is not yet clear with whom the organization will fill the gap. I think they want to strengthen their team at a time when there is no tournament where […]

kennyS Is Back On The Active Roster Of G2!

G2 Esports was unable to add Nemanja “nexa” Isaković to their IEM Winter roster due to visa issues. The organization filled this gap in the team with French AWPer Kenny “kennyS” Schrub. Kenny has been on the G2’s bench since March 2021. Whether the player will be on the team temporarily will be determined after […]

Cloud9 Announced Its 2022 LCS Roster!

Cloud9, one of the best North American organizations, announced its 2022 LCS roster that its fans have been eagerly waiting for. The organization, which has re-formed its squad, announced the news on its official Twitter account. The team looks ready for the new season with its brand new roster. Former Liiv Sandbox top-laner Summit, former […]

Frederik “LOMME” Nielsen Joins Astralis as an Analyst!

Astralis, one of Denmark’s successful esports organizations, has added former professional player Frederik “LOMME” Nielsen as an analyst to its CS:GO roster. The organization announced the news, on its official Twitter account. LOMME, who was a part of Heroic and ENCE, will continue with Astralis from now on. The 28-year-old Danish analyst had been with the ENCE […]

Beşiktaş Esports Announces New VALORANT Team!

Beşiktaş Esports shifted towards a new VALORANT team. On its VALORANT side, Beşiktaş Esports is making changes in both technical and sponsorship aspects. After some players had transferred from Beşiktaş Esports to Regnum Carya Esports, people wondered who would fill the empty slots. Now, we have an answer. Beşiktaş Esports’ New VALORANT roster: Alp Kaan […]

Millennium Esports Announced its New Youth CS:GO Roster!

Millennium Esports, one of the Turkish esports organizations, has announced its new youth CS:GO roster. The organization announced on its official Twitter account. Millennium Esports Youth CS:GO Roster Utku Efe “thunderstar” Koçak Emin Berat “Ping” Aksoy Ömer “OmerH” Hakan Süleyman Samed “poncheck” Yüksel Nesipcan “nessipx-“ Perçin Oğuzhan Furkan “lockedinside2”Kılıç Hakan “heuSx” Güleser As esportimes, we wish good luck to Millennium Esports in the upcoming tournaments.

Legendary Mid-laner “Faker” Re-signs With T1!

There have been rumors for a while that Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, one of the most famous League of Legends players, would end his esports career. However the player has put an end to all the speculations. 25-year-old legendary mid-laner has re-signed with the T1. The idol of almost every League of Legends player, Faker has […]

Regnum Carya Esports Announced its VALORANT Team!

Many organizations have started to enter the VALORANT esports scene. Regnum Carya Esports, one of the Turkish esports organizations, announced its new VALORANT team. Regnum Carya Esports VALORANT Roster Cenk “CombatRy” Erşahin Furkan “MrFalin” Yeğen Serhat “lauzen” Koca Duhan “mAz” Ovalı Emir “hybrid” Erol As esportimes, we wish good luck to Regnum Carya Esports.

Rezon Joins Guild Esports’ Fortnite Team!

Guild Esports has today announced the latest addition to its pro-gaming roster, with Lennard Sill aka Rezon signing as the newest member of its Fortnite team. 17-time tournament winner Rezon, from Germany, will be competing under the Guild banner in all upcoming European and international Fortnite tournaments alongside Guild’s other top-ranked players, Henrik Mclean (‘Hen’), […]

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