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Game Updates, latest update notes of popular games, all the details you need to know can be found on this page.

TFT Set 5.5: All New Champions and Traits

Riot Games will bring a mid-term patch for TFT. In this mid-term patch, many champions and traits will be removed from the game. Furthermore, new traits and champions will be added to to game with the TFT Set 5.5 patch. TFT Set 5.5 is currently only playable on PBE servers. Moreover, Shadow Items will be […]

Meet Akshan: The New Member of League of Legends

It looks like Akshan will be the next champion coming to League of Legends. Furthermore, in addition to the Summoners Rift, this champion will also be added into Teamfight Tactics. Although Riot Games did not confirm this new character, it is quite clear that Akshan will be the new champion thanks to rumors and leaks. […]

League of Legends 11.14 Early Patch Notes!

Riot Games continues to bring new changes and new features to the League of Legends, with patch 11.13. This patch will arrive on July 8. Compared to the previous patch notes, the changes and new features that will come with this patch are more remarkable. The most noticeable thing in this patch is the update […]

League of Legends Patch 11.13 Notes

In this article we will be talking about the long-awaited arrival of the Tahm Kench rework, and the new “Astronaut” costumes. Furthermore we will touch on all the League of Legends patch notes and changes to come in the June 23 11.13 patch, including major movement speed nerfs and more. Mark Yetter posted an image […]

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.23 Is Live!

When Cyberpunk 2077 came out in a buggy state, CD Projekt Red announced that it would release updates/patches until the game recovers and reaches a good level. The company continues to fix the problems with the latest 1.23 patch as well as minor patches. Cyberpunk 2077 debuted on 10 December 2020 in an problematic state, […]

VALORANT New Battle Pass Leaked!

Riot Games, in addition to new updates, also releases VALORANT battle passes. In this article will be looking at the contents of the new battle pass. K-TAC Colllection Operator Vandal Melee Sheriff Bulldog The second collection of the highly anticipated battle pass will be Jigsaw. Another detail is that this collection resembles the VALORANT GO […]

PBE Valorant Test Server Announced!

PBE (Public Beta Environment), which is a kind of a Test Server, is coming to VALORANT. It will arrive in a limited capacity to the North American region starting July 9. VALORANT players who are approved in the PBE will be able to test future patches early. Before presenting the patch to the public version, […]

VALORANT: New Agent KAY/O Revealed!

VALORANT’s new agent is revealed! With the new VALORANT Agent KAY/O, post-spike-plant games will now be reduced and players will actually have to defend the site even more. VALORANT constantly improves itself and brings new innovative ideas to the game. Players are really curious to see how this new agent will perform in the game. […]

A New 8×8 Map Is Coming To PUBG

PUBG returns back to its origins with an 8×8 map: TAEGO! PUBG, hasn’t released a 8×8 map since Miramar. Which is the main reason why the fans of the game are so exited about this news. Codename: Tiger! The fans of the game knew about a new upcoming map, however, there wasn’t enough information. PUBG […]

A New Map For VALORANT Is On The Way! Breeze is Coming!

The 6th map is coming for the popular FPS game VALORANT. The name of the new map became clear as the pictures began to appear on the boards on the maps. The new map, called “Breeze“, which includes summer and island air, seems to take its place in the game soon. In the post shared […]

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